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In recent years social media has emerged as one of the most important factors of online marketing. When used effectively social media marketing can elevate your company’s success a great deal by spreading your brand image and message across multiple social platforms by posting information, photos, videos, events, feedback, and comments. In today’s online marketing world it is imperative to have a strategic social medial optimization and marketing plan in place.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin offer a profound and unique way to communicate with your customer base. Establishing a blog to talk about current industry news, events, and general thoughts are a great way to keep customers up-to-date with the on goings of your business. This kind of direct customer interaction also promotes reputation management through feedback and comments. No better way to improve upon company practices than hearing it directly from the customer themselves.

At SEO Visible Marketing we will work with your create a social media marketing plan that will manage and optimize social platforms to best spread your company message.

Social Media Marketing – Is Your Website Ready To Socialize?

Known as the process of getting traffic through social media and networking sites, every webmaster, internet marketer, and company owner MUST have a social media marketing strategy. Search engine optimization has evolved beyond publishing great content and building links to it.

With the number of users engaging in sites like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook growing by the minute, discerning internet marketers have taken the time to distribute their content through these social media platforms…and you should too if you want to keep up with the competition.

Here at SEO Visible Marketing, we always ask new clients what’s their current social media marketing strategy. Unfortunately and surprisingly, many of them don’t have one.  That’s why we are here – to make sure your site is ready to rock and roll in the social media world!

We’ll Extend Your Site’s Reach To Consumers EVERYWHERE…All The Time!

Looking at an Edison report, it was revealed that in the United States there are

- 256M users on TV

- 243M users tune in to their radios

- 232M users are on the internet (with 182M of them connected via home broadband)

- 177M use their home’s Wi-Fi

- 139M are using their smartphones

…at ANY given time!

Consumers were quick on the uptake – taking advantage of newer and better communication devices and multimedia platforms…and we can help you keep up with this rapidly-moving trend.

SEO Visible Marketing will start by analyzing your current content and distribution platforms. From there, we will:

-      Create content that’s smarter; creatively crafted; more informative; and visually appealing for your website.

-      Publish them through platforms that your target audience uses so your message and offers reach them no matter where they are!

We’ll Get Your Website Mobile-READY

About 139 million Americans (53% of the total US population) own smartphones…and more importantly, the amount of time they spend on their mobile devices are growing at a neck breaking speed and it’s now 14 times GREATER than the average desktop usage!

Moreover, statistics have shown that 15.1% of the total business-to-consumer sales across the country are through mobile devices…leaving social ecommerce sales in the dust at 1.9%!

All of these different figures point to one thing: mobile marketing is a top priority for every business and website owner.

We will optimize your website and social media content to seize the attention of users who are always on the go:

-      Add more captivating, eye-grabbing images

-      Publish brief yet informative posts

-      Top it off with straightforward but high-impact calls-to-action that convert visitors to customers

We’ll Use Image-Based Websites To Your Site’s Advantage

In the years leading to 2013, we have seen a consistent trend of sharing information through images and videos. While text-based content will always be important, you cannot ignore the rapidly growing importance and power of images and videos when it comes to funneling laser-targeted traffic to your offers.

You can be sure that video and image-based social media sites like Slideshare, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Youtube will only grow in popularity.

And with SEO Visible Marketing taking care of your site, your business will take full advantage of this trend. We’ll publish your videos and create images for your site that’s…

-      Easily sharable through image- and video-based platforms

-      Easily digested by your target audience

Social Media Marketing Is A Must

With REAL and measurable benefits like:

-      Better social signals (an essential piece of Google’s ranking algorithm)

-      Branding and improved brand awareness

-      Wider audience reach and stronger influence

-      Word-of-mouth advertising

-      Lower Customer Acquisition Costs and higher conversion rates

-      And MORE!

…It’s of little surprise that more and more businesses are integrating their social media efforts with their content, SEO, and traffic-generation strategies. A lot of companies are hiring full-time social media strategists and managers to map out and execute their social marketing strategy.

It’s that important. However, its wide scope and own set of important metrics might prove too complex and overwhelming for an small business and website owner. You need a team who can lend their social media marketing expertise to your business so you can focus on building your business.

Don’t worry, SEO Visible Marketing is here to help! With decades of combined experience in SEO, conversion rate optimization, and social media marketing, your business and website is guaranteed to get the attention it needs to thrive in the ever-growing and ever-competitive field of digital marketing.

Why not give us a call or shoot us an email? Let’s take a look at your site and current social media marketing efforts…we’ll come up with a social media marketing strategy that’s tailor-made for your company!

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