Just a few short years ago local SEO meant being in Google places but with the rise of sites like Yelp and Foursquare and local internet marketing on the rise local search engine optimization have evolved into much much more. Let SEO Visible mMarketing help guide your business to the top of the local search results page.

Local SEO – Do You Have The Local Advantage?

For a brick-and-mortar business whose life-blood are local customers, local SEO is a MUST! Yes, search engine optimization can be categorized to locality and geographic scope…and each of these categorizations have their share of ranking factors and require a unique approach.

If you’re running a restaurant, a grocery store, an ad consulting agency…or any business where you expect people to come to your office or a professional service where you come to the clients, optimizing your website for local relevance and visibility should be at the top of your list of priorities.

You need to have the LOCAL advantage over your competitors, and SEO Visible Marketing can give you just that!

We’ll Optimize The Title Of EACH And EVERY Page On Your Site: The title alone can spell the difference between a bustling page that gets 1000 visitors/day and one that can hardly get 10 visitors a day!

This is especially true for local SEO! And with SEO Visible Marketing by your side, every title of every page on your site is infused with:

– Title tags that include your website or company name

– Your business’ location, which search engines keep an eye on for local relevancy

– And the primary keyword that you want to rank for

We’ll make sure it fits within the 70 character limit (this is VERY important) and reads in a way that captures potential viewers’ attention and make them click on your page!

We’ll Optimize Your Meta-Descriptions: Just like titles, meta-descriptions are an integral part of local on-the-page ranking factors. Every meta-description across your website should be tweaked and optimized for two BIG reasons:

– First and foremost, an optimized description will give search engines a better and more concrete idea of what your specific page is all about.

– The second and equally important reason is that these meta-descriptions appear in the SERPs and can be seen by users. Between you and your competitors who offer the same service, a nicely-written description that entices searchers to click on your page will tip the balance to your favor.

Our experts here at SEO Visible Marketing are more than just SEO specialists; they are fantastic writers, too! Here are just some of the vital things we’ll do to give your meta-descriptions that massive boost in local SEO value:

– Include your company’s brand name and location

– Write your meta-descriptions in a way that describes your page accurately and grabs your readers’ eye-balls

– Sprinkle relevant, targeted keywords naturally

…And make sure they fit nicely within the search engines’ 155-character limit

We’ll Establish Your Site’s Presence On High-Authority Review Sites: There have been many case studies on the impact of good reviews on local SEO. These studies have showed that good quality, velocity, and diversity of online reviews can influence a site’s rankings by 10.3%.

The conclusion: Maintaining presence on review sites like Google+ Local and Yelp is invaluable to local SEO. Not to mention getting local reviews makes it easier for users to become supporters of your local business.

If a potential customer is looking for the service or product you offer, it’ll be easier for them to take their business to you if they see your local listing has numerous, positive reviews and user ratings.

SEO Visible Marketing will tailor all your local listing accounts for your website complete with:

– Your company’s address and phone numbers

– Target keywords

– Description of products and services

– And MORE!

…Ensuring that satisfied customers can easily leave positive, rank-boosting reviews that potential clients can easily find!

And That’s Just The Tip Of The Ice-Berg!

Having optimized titles, well-written descriptions, and good local reviews is an excellent start. But while this is enough to get you started in the RIGHT direction, there’s more to local SEO. Just like SEO on a national or international scale, it has its share of complexities that could overwhelm webmasters and business owners:

–      Marking up your microdata and optimizing your structure for local relevance

–      Researching the right geo-targeted keywords

–      Geo-targeting your paid traffic-generation campaigns

–      And MORE

And here’s the good news: SEO Visible Marketing can do ALL of the hard, local SEO work for you!

With our decades of experience and knowledge, you can leave all of local SEO work to us so you can spend more time in improving your products and services; engaging with your audience and customers; and generating more profit.

Shoot us an email or give us a phone call. We’ll be more than happy to check out your site and show you how we can help.