What is Link Building?

Simply put: Link building is creating links from other websites back to your website url, commonly called backlinks.

Why is building links important to your website?

It is a well known fact that backlinks are the foundation for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Before begining your link building campaign it is important to set goals and strategies. There are many things to consider that factor in to a robust link building campaign. Here are what search engines look for in a websites link profile:

  • The amount of links linking back to your website, i.e. how many links are in your link profile.
  • The quality of the links, i.e. does you link sit on a website that is it a well established site with good pagerank.
  • Is the link relevant?, i.e. on a site related to your respective industry or field.
  • The anchor text, or link text, used in the backlinks.
  • The number of outbound links on the page where your link is located

Type of links:

Link building is not quick and not easy. SEO Visible Marketing prides itself on developing industry leading link building practices as well as innovative and creative strategies on getting your website links that will help it rank up. Some of these link building solutions include:

  • Directory Submissions
  • One-way Links
  • Reciprocal Links
  • Link Bait or Link Baiting
  • Paid Links
  • Natural Links
  • Social Networking
  • Forums
  • Blog Commenting
  • Link Requesting
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Article Creation & Submission
  • Blog Creation

Relevancy Of The Links: If you want to rank for the term “intermittent fasting” or “rapid weight loss diet,” getting links from websites and blogs that are on the same niche can significantly help in boosting your site to the top. Even better, try to get links from specific pages where your target keyword or key-phrase is found on the title tag and headline.

The Number Of Links And PageRank: While PageRank no longer bears the same weight it did more than a decade ago, it’s still one of the most important factors that leading search engines like Google keep an eye on.

And according to the original PageRank formula, a link’s value is inversely proportional to the number of other links within the same page. Without getting entangled with mathematical definitions, it does suffice to say that you want to be linked-to by pages with fewer OBLs (outbound links) to other domains and sites.

Analyze The Competition’s Backlinks: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to rank better and get a substantial slice of the traffic pie. Here at SEO Visible Marketing, we help our clients by looking at the link profile of their competitors who’re already ranking for their target niche and keyword.

By using tools like Open Site Explorer to examine the backlinks of your competitors, you gain indispensable insight as to which links got those sites and pages to the top. After discovering the high-authority domains which link to the competition, you can target these domains in your own link building strategy.

Potential For Referral Traffic: Our SEO experts here at SEO Visible Marketing don’t build links just for the sake of it or to simply please the search engines. Yes, a better SERP ranking is nice. BUT ultimately, your website, products, and services cater to REAL people…not search engine bots.

With that in mind, a link building strategy should always include getting links that can provide a healthy amount of direct click-through traffic. The benefits go beyond better search engine value. More importantly, this approach will send laser-targeted, valuable visitors to your offers. Isn’t that one of the most important goals in internet marketing?

Link Building Can Drive You Nuts…But SEO Visible Marketing Is Here To Help

While proper and efficient search engine optimization goes beyond getting links from other sites, link building is still one of the MOST important aspects of SEO. And when done right, it can take your natural (unpaid) traffic and conversion rates off the roof!

Unfortunately, link building is also one of the MOST difficult aspects of SEO!

With search engines locking essential ranking information in their data centers, it’s easy for SMB and website owners to be overwhelmed by its sheer complexity…and the fact that it’s even easier to get link building wrong makes it even more dangerous for start-up companies who choose to go about their own way.

Of course, you can take the DIY route…spend more time in trial and error and less time on enhancing your website and its products; engaging with your audience; and growing your business. But why waste valuable time and resources in trial and error when SEO Visible Marketing is here to help!?

Through our decades of combined experience, we’ll map out a complete link building strategy that will give your site and products the exposure and traffic it needs. More importantly, we’ll make sure your link building campaigns go hand-in-hand with your content, social media marketing, traffic-generation, and conversion optimization strategies.

We don’t just build links…we build businesses and get them to the top!